Acoustic Anarchy by Mr. & Mrs. SBTG

Acoustic Anarchy | The Next Decade Of Sabotage from Betaphats on Vimeo.



Held at The Lorong 24a Shophouse Series.

Acoustic Anarchy
Venue: Unit 13, Lorong 24A
Duration: 31 August 2012 – 9 September 2012
Opening night: 31 August 2012, Friday, 730pm till late
Opening times: 3-8pm on weekdays and 12-6pm on weekends

FLABSLAB is proud to present Acoustic Anarchy,the first solo exhibition of Mr. and Mrs. Sabtotage (SBTG), also known as Mark Ong and Sue-Anne Lim. Famed for a decade of handcrafted custom sneakers and street wear under their parent company Royalefam, this exhibition marks a celebration of true originality, grit and individuality. Staying true to the artistry behind the SBTG brand – each artwork is painstakingly handmade, with instant gratification. Acoustic Anarchy celebrates this Artform, showcasing a glimpse into the expanded universe of the SBTG brand. The inspiration? 10 years of archival material and the formative inspirations of Mr. and Mrs SBTG. What then transpires is a discovery of a new journey for the next decade of SBTG.


To secure and manage press coverage for Acoustic Anarchy, the first solo exhibition of Mr. and Mrs. Sabtotage (SBTG). Presented by Flabslab.


Flabslab & Mark Ong (Mr. SBTG)


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